• 1 Feb 2022
    • 10:00 AM
    • Union, University and Schools Club

       Speakers Maurice & Fran Cutler,

    MC: Australian, Journalist, Canadian official, etc. FC: Canadian Broadcaster, Far-sighted advocate,etc

    As an 18 year old journalist at UP, Maurice Cutler  became the first Australian to reach the South Pole in 1956 as part of a US Air Force expedition. (Mawson had been to the Magnetic Pole.)  After 4 months in Antarctica, the US Navy took him to USA.  

    Since then he’s mainly lived in Canada and is perhaps the only living Australian to have met Hilliary, The Queen, Trudeau, JFK, Menzies, Chou En Lai, Nixon,  etc. He returned to the Antarctic in 1958, and provided personal reports to Sir Douglas Mawson.

    Especially notably in 1971, he was a member of the Canadian Trade Mission to China, being one of the first western journalists to enter China during the Cultural Revolution.  He returned to China each of the next 2 years to cover the opening of the Canadian Trade Fair in Peking (meeting Chou En Lai for a second time), then to cover the first official visit by Prime Minister Trudeau.

     In 1977 he joined the Canadian Public Service, initially working for the Finance Minister, then the Foreign Minister, later becoming Director of Public Affairs for the Auditor General of Canada.

    Since partly retiring about 20 years ago, Maurice and his wife Fran have spent approx 6 months each year in Ottawa and Sydney (having a home in each). This avoided the harsh Canadian winters and enabled a lot more golf, whilst maintaining close involvement and interest in international politics along with their family both sides of the Pacific.

    Fran has also had a remarkable career, especially noting she has been legally blind since mid 20s from a rare early onset macular degeneration. After graduation, she became a radio producer for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Assoc).  This led to many years as producer of a highly popular news programme interviewing foreign correspondents, a bit like PM, one of the first such programmes.  Then she became director for Canada's North and Arctic regions, travelling extensively there, and later CBC's Director of Employment Equity.  Concurrently she was on numerous volunteer and government advisory committees for the disabled, as well as Chairman of the equivalent of Vision Australia, President of Voice Print, etc.  Since corporate retirement, she remains an active and passionate advocate on disabled issues. She was awarded Officer of the Order of Canada, one of the country's highest honours.

    They have two sons (one a barrister and senior partner in a legal firm in Ottawa, the other is Professor of Political Science at UBC in Vancouver) and 6 grandchildren.  Along the way, Fran taught skiing to a teenies class that included her sons and Justin Trudeau.

    • 1 Mar 2022
    • 10:00 AM
    • Union, University and Schools Club

       Speaker John Jeremy AM,

    Naval Architect & Maritime Historian

    Almost 108 years after the RAN acquired its first submarines , a remarkable decision has been made to replace the Navy's present submarines with nuclear-powered boats. In his presentation John will summarise the often-controversial history of the RAN submarine service and outline the development of the modern nuclear submarine and its role. The momentous decision to go nuclear for our new submarines presents many challenges and John may well feel inclined to speculate about the way ahead

    We are very fortunate to have a member so highly qualified and experienced in naval architecture and history to inform us about this topical issue.  Being passionate about ships from an early age, John started as an apprentice ship draughtsman at Cockatoo Dockyard in 1960.  He studied naval architecture part time at UNSW, graduating BE (Hons) in 1967.

    After a spell in Britain on a Vickers Limited post-graduate scholarship, he was appointed Technical Director of Vickers Cockatoo Dockyard Pty Ltd, then in 1981 Managing Director of the Dockyard until its closure 10 years later.  After that he became Chief Executive of ANI Engineering Services. 

    He has written three books on the history of the island facility and its work.

    John is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (Australia), a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) and a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers. He was a member of the London Council of RINA from 2006 to 2012 and is now editor-in-chief of The Australian Naval Architect, the quarterly journal of the Australian Division.

    He regularly sails his yacht with the RSYS and the Sydney Amateurs (including a stint as Commodore). He is Senior Vice President of the Navy League of Australia and Vice President of the Naval Historical Society of Australia.

    John was appointed a Member in the Order of Australia (AM) in 2015 for the preservation and celebration of naval and maritime history

    • 5 Apr 2022
    • 10:00 AM
    • Union, University and Schools Club

    Speaker Prof Sheryl van Nunen OAM

    Clinical/allergy immunologist & educator

    Associate Professor Sheryl van Nunen OAM, MBBS MM (Sleep Medicine), FRACP , is a Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine Health & Human Sciences, Macquarie University, and Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health, University of Sydney  

    Aside from being an award-winning medical educator at the University of Sydney, in 2007 she was the first to describe the association between mammalian meat anaphylaxis and prior tick bites.  She has over 175 publications to her credit (68% as first author, with 34 of these published in 2018-2021).  

    In 2013, she convened the TiARA (Tick-induced Allergies Research and Awareness) Committee, the peak resource for tick-induced allergies. She is the Director of the Centre for Tick-induced Allergies in Sydney.   The Committee’s achievements include:

    -        submission of evidence to the 2019-2020 Parliamentary inquiry into allergies and anaphylaxis; 

    -       working with the Australian Dept of Health to develop world-leading advice in tick bite prevention and management; 

    -       working with major pharmaceutical companies to develop a tick-specific ether spray, which is now the recommended treatment in Australia and internationally, instead of removal by tweezers; 

    -       funding and fostering research underpinning tick bite prevention and management advice.

    In addition to her university roles, she is a consultant physician in allergic diseases in Chatswood, as well as a Visiting Medical Officer at Northern Beaches and North Shore Private Hospitals.  Earlier she was Head of the Department of Allergy at Royal North Shore Hospital for over 26 years (1985-2011) and a Senior Staff Specialist at Royal North Shore Hospital from 1988-2020.   She was the Principal Investigator in clinical trials of over 75% of all new therapies introduced to Australia for allergic diseases between 1985-2012.

    Also for over a decade, she has filled several roles in the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy since its inception and has contributed her time in a number of capacities to the National Asthma Council of Australasia.  

    Her prime research interest comprises mammalian meat allergy/anaphylaxis following previous tick bite and its myriad implications, including the increased risk of atheroma and more severe atheroma with its attendant risks, tick-induced anaphylaxis.  Her work includes ongoing research studies spanning over a decade with her esteemed colleagues in Vietnam, into pharmacogenetic risk factors in severe cutaneous drug reactions in the Vietnamese people, saving numerous lives. 

    In 2021, she was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for service to Medicine, particularly to Clinical Immunology and Allergy.