Meetings & Speakers

    • 5 Dec 2023
    • 10:00 AM
    • Union, University and Schools Club: Probus Members & their male invited guests only

    Speaker Matt Egerton-Warburton

    Matt is the Deputy-Chairman of The Mulloon Institute a global leader in environmental regeneration and sustainable agriculture. The Institute uses its United Nations recognised Mulloon Rehydration Initiative as a model to deliver landscape rehydration and catchment-scale projects across Australia.

    Its world-class scientific research and educational outreach helps Australian farmers create resilient, productive, and profitable farms where agriculture and the environment work in unison. Rehydrating landscapes helps restore their natural function, boosts ecosystem biodiversity, and makes them more resilient to climate extremes. It also allows for increased agricultural productivity and greater soil carbon capture through healthier soils and vegetation cover.

    Matt believes a key role of the Institute is to assist landholders to farm sustainably and profitably – helping them repair and rehydrate their land while profitably producing high quality agricultural products.

    His presentation will cover The Mulloon Institute’s work on the ground in various parts of the nation as well as its education and advocacy programs.


    Due to illness our scheduled Guest Speaker, Gary Nairn is unable to be present, but we are very fortunate to have Matt Egerton-Warburton in his place.